The Economy, Leadership and You




The climate crisis, 17 sustainability development goals, and the personal challenges you are facing cannot be solved if we just try harder. Picasso and Einstein realised a century ago, when problems were insoluble it was because the fundamental way of looking at the world was causing the problems. You will get new perspectives and tools able to solve your challenges, from yourself through your work and on to our global challenges.

The revolution from

classical art and physics to cubism/relativistic quantum mechanics lay in learning to use new lenses and perspectives that at first seemed inherently wrong, illogical. You will learn which lenses we need to challenge today.



The reality you experience is inside you, triggered by what actually happens, and shaped by your lenses and meaning-making stories. You grow your capacity to use better lenses, and so experience a better reality, because you can reinvent the lenses and meaning-making stories you use.

Our organisations are failing us. This section covers how to reinvent organisations from the individual through to the legal incorporation. Create businesses that are good for all stakeholders, from you through to our global environment, because we reinvent the foundations.


An economy is just a method to provide living organisms with what they need to survive and thrive. It's clear our human economy is failing us massively, the climate crisis is evidence enough. But we can create an economy that works for the planet, for people, and for profit, because we can reinvent the foundations, instead of just trying to patch the regulations.



We can rise, phoenix-like, from today’s burning global challenges. All of us, and our children, can thrive in the coming decades, because we can build a regenerative global economy: an ecosystem of regenerative businesses.


Today I apply the expertise gathered across three careers (particle physicist, manager with Procter and Gamble, serial startup founder) to bring that vision to reality. I incubate regenerative startups; am starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups; consult to multi-nationals and start-ups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration.. And I write books so that you can do it yourself.


Dr Jack Reardon is the founding editor of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, has written three economics textbooks and has taught economics at the School of Business at Hamline University in Minnesota, and the department of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.



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